2 people smile an wave in a workshop space in the background while a camera is setup in the foreground filming them. We can see their image in the cameras viewfinder screen

Why Document your Making Process?

  • Reach a larger audience: Video can be used on multiple platforms which allows for multiple paths for audiences and clients to find you
  • Create a professional appearance: high-quality video creates an appearance of high-value work allowing you to charge more for your work
  • Improve your website: Use clips for social media and for your website to make it more dynamic and improve SEO.
  • Gain credibility: Help clients understand the amount of work that goes into a piece you create.

What You'll Learn

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to use the equipment at FUSE 33. When you complete this course, you’ll be able to sign out equipment to use.

Learn how to film using the Sony ZV E10 camera

  • How to adjust settings
  • How to upload images and videos onto the computer.
  • How to edit photos and video

Learn how to Use Microphones and Lighting

  • How to use lavalier and shotgun mics which will help pickup the sound of your voice and pickup less background noise.
  • How to properly light your work and your subjects