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In response to the need for personal protective equipment, Fuse33 has adapted its production capability to fabricate face masks and face shields.

Fuse33 COVID-19 Response

We are actively working, safely, with our community responding to requests to assist the broader community in response to the COVID-19 situation we are facing.

We hope everyone is staying safe and self-isolating if they can. We understand that these are really tough times for everyone. Recognizing that the pandemic situation remains fluid and that things change every day, we wanted to update the community on our COVID-19 response and the enhanced protocols we are implementing to try and ensure that FUSE33 remains a safe space for everyone that still needs to access it.

Effective Thursday, March 27:

  • FUSE33 will be closed to the general public.
  • All previously scheduled community events (ex. Members’ Brunch, Open Houses, Workshops, Meetups, etc.) are postponed until further notice.
  • The space remains open for MEMBERS only. Non-members can still access the space by appointment only.
  • All members are REQUIRED to sign in/out when they enter the building. This will help make contact tracing easier later on in case we have a need to directly contact certain members if any concerns come up. The sheets will be available at the front entrance as usual.
  • Maker Pro members retain their 24/7 access and other benefits.
  • For Maker and Maker+ members, please email us at least 3hrs in advance make@fuse33.com to arrange access to the space. Keep in mind, the security cameras will still be working. 🙂
  • We require that everyone wash their hands or clean them with hand sanitizer before and after their visit.
  • We require that everyone use face masks and gloves when using the equipment to minimize spread and contamination.
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves will be made available at the front entrance for all members to use. We ask that members sanitize their hands first before putting on gloves. If for any reason gloves have to come off (ex. Using the washroom), we ask that you dispose of the old pair in the trash and don a new pair before accessing the equipment again.
  • We ask that you practice physical/social distancing when accessing the space. Keep 2 meters between you and others at all times (about the distance of a bicycle from tire to tire). This is to minimize the risk of breathing in or spreading tiny droplets that could contain the COVID-19 virus.
  • We will prioritize and increase the frequency of cleaning of high touch surfaces such as door handles, hand rails and common surfaces such as tables and chairs.
  • We ask that you DO NOT ENTER if you have:
    • A fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath.
    • Travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.
    • Been exposed to someone who is, or may be, infected with the COVID-19 virus.
    • Are immunocompromised.
  • Memberships can still be purchased via the website at fuse33.com. Membership upgrade requests can be made by sending a message to make@fuse33.com.
  • Some certifications and orientations are by appointment only and will be one-on-one. Arrangements can be made in advance by sending a message to make@fuse33.com.
  • If you do not have access to a face mask, a limited number of reusable fabric masks will be made available for members, as well as available for purchase. Send a message to make@fuse33.com for more details as they are not ready yet.
  • We will continue to monitor and update our COVID-19 protocols as the pandemic situation evolves and as recommended by Alberta Health Services and let you know if anything changes.

We understand that for many of our members, continued access to our fabrication equipment and other resources may be critical to their businesses or supplementary incomes. To that end, we are committed to ensuring that our space remains open and accessible to our members in a safe way for as long as the situation allows. By respecting our enhanced COVID-19 protocols, you’ll be doing your part to help. If you have any questions or concerns about our enhanced protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact us at make@fuse33.com.

Stay safe out there, and remember that we’re all in this together!