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Calgary's Largest Makerspace

Who We Are For

Whether you are a hobbyist, artist, engineer, or entrepreneur, Fuse33 can fuel your passion and help bring your visions to life.

What We Do

Alongside shared tools, equipment, and workspace, Fuse33 also offers numerous classes and artistic opportunities to explore.

Where We Create

Located just off International Avenue in the Southeast, Fuse33 stands as Calgary’s largest and most dynamic hub for innovation.
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Our Mission

Fuse33 stands as a hub of creative energy, combining practical and digital dimensions to create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and limitless creative expression.

It serves as a melting pot where individuals come together, not only to collaborate and experiment, but to pioneer innovations, share visionary concepts, and breathe life into their creative endeavours.

Our commitment is to equip you with indispensable tools and unwavering support, igniting the initial spark of your journey. Beyond that, you are guided by the boundless horizons of your imagination and the unwavering passion that propels you to create.

Our Vision

Bridging the crossroads of Calgary’s socio-economic landscape, Fuse33 cultivates an environment that nurtures growth for individuals, small enterprises, and the broader community.

Our strategic alliances with influential organizations, including the International Avenue Arts & Culture CommunityInternational Avenue BRZ, Momentum, DIRTT, and SCSS, exemplify our unwavering commitment to adaptive evolution.

The core of our mission is to fortify Calgary’s local economy, providing indispensable infrastructure and robust resources that act as pillars of support for the entire creative community. We endeavour to empower individuals and small businesses, propelling them towards sustained growth and undeniable success.

Join Us

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As a shared workshop, our community members get access to equipment that would not normally be affordable or too large for a personal workshop. This includes lasers, 3D printers, sewing machines, metal and wood shops, and more.

At Fuse33, we transcend the conventional notion of a makerspace; we embody a thriving ecosystem of creators, mentors, and innovators. Conceived in 2018 by a collective of imaginative minds, our makerspace at 1720 Radisson Drive SE, just off International Avenue, stands as Calgary’s largest and most dynamic hub for innovation.

We aim to cultivate a welcoming environment that not only sparks creativity but also nurtures collaboration and community building. We firmly believe in the transformative power of uniting people, offering a space where ideas can flourish, and skills can be finely honed. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or embarking on the initial stages of your creative journey, Fuse33 is the ideal canvas to unleash your imagination.

Beyond providing access to top-notch tools and equipment, we curate an array of workshops, classes, and events to facilitate skill acquisition and foster connections within a diverse network of passionate makers. Our seasoned staff and community members are ever-ready to extend a helping hand or share their wealth of expertise.

Regardless of whether you identify as a hobbyist, artist, engineer, or entrepreneur, Fuse33 is the definitive haven to fuel your passion and bring your visions to life. Explore our diverse membership levels today and become an integral part of the vibrant community thriving at Fuse33.

Let's embark on this creative journey together!