A group of people gathered around a piece of wood inspecting it and taking notes. they are in the workshop of Fuse 33 makerspace in calgary

Join Us for a Celebration

Come learn what a makerspace is all about! Take a tour around the space, and learn about our tools, skills building workshops and Artist In Residence program.

We have shared workshop space ideal for anyone who needs a place to work or wants a community to collaborate with on personal or for profit projects.


Spark Your Curiosity

We have members who work on a wide range of projects, from personal hobbies, to fabrication and prototyping for small businesses.  

Whether you’re an artist, a tradesperson, entrepreneur, hobbyist, crafter or just someone wanting to learn some new skills, Fuse 33 is a fun community of passionate makers who are excited to explore and try new things. 


a dark wood table with light polka dots built at Fuse 33 makerspace in Calgary



photo taken from above with a person with electronics infront of them on a table


a group of people stand around a computer screen and CNC machine

Laser Cutter

a laser cut wood light with a flower like pattern made of small wood pieces of wood radiating outward from the centre

Laser Engraver

laser etched business cards on aluminum in rose, green and a color etch on metal. Done with a thunder laser at Fuse 33 buy one today

3D Printers

2 people look inside a 3d printer as it prints an object. the printer is lit up with colorful light at Fuse 33 makerspace in calgary.

Sewing & Lighting

a person standing in the dark in a light up suit

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