Lightburn for Laser Cutting | Course

Lightburn is a software that  allows you to assign values to your image that a laser cutter can understand. Use the Lightburn software to choose power level, speed the laser and depth you can engrave or cut your material.

This course is ideal for those who have attended Fuse 33’s Laser Cutter Orientation and the WTF is a Laser Cutter workshop and need help with 


Learning Lightburn is a Critical for Laser Cutter Success

3 images collaged together of a laser cutter, lightburn software window with settings and an image of the image being laser cut in red and blue

In this workshop you’l learn to:

  • Overcome simple mistakes and challenges
  • Adjust settings according to different materials and thicknesses
  • How to image trace your original
  • How to subtract and merge/weld vector files
  • Set speed and power
  • Set your origin and frame your piec’

Join the course May 31st 2023, 7-9pm

What Can I Make with a Laser Cutter?

blue laser cut earrings several laser cut symbols hanging in a chain
a laser cut sliced topographic avocado sculpture
2 laser etched business cards on thin aluminum and 1 laser etched coaster on metal created at Fuse 33
a laser cut wood light with a flower like pattern made of small wood pieces of wood radiating outward from the centre
a laser cut beer flight holder made at FUSE 33
live edge wood with laser engraving that says Make Learn Invent with a burned black background. Create at Fuse 33 makerspace with a thunder laser- buy your own
a series of fabricated metal head sculptures by Fuse 33
a laser mandala cut out of wood at Fuse 33 makerspace
laser cut wood beer flight holder with 4 holes custom by Fuse 33 cut by a Thunder laser
closeup of antlers and stones laser etched with pictures of turtles and the word Tansi and Awas Tuguy
laser cut grid to store comic books made of wood at Fuse 33 Makerspace
a photo of a tool storage area where all the boxes and storage and made from laser cut boxes created at fuse 33 makerspace
3 2D laser cut birds with polka dots on their chests. The birds are pink/magenta, teal and yellow
a large wood board cut and painted in the shape of 2 snowmen wearing scarves and hats with the faces cut out.
  • How to use the laser cutter software to turn images into vector files
  • How to cut and engrave different types of materials
  • What materials are best and why (tried and tested by Fuse 33)
  • How to level and focus the laser
  • How to adjust settings like power and speed depending on if you’re etching or cutting

Become a Laser Cutter Apprentice

Here at Fuse 33, we regularly get requests for laser cutter fabrication jobs, so once you learn the basics, we can get you started with some laser cutting gigs using our machines and start making money!

What Materials Can I Cut?

*wood *plastic *aluminum *paper *cardboard *stone *glass *more!

Can’t attend in person? Join the waitlist for our virtual course. Once we have enough people we’ll set a time to run the course virtually.

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