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A photo of Ken Hacke smiling in a forest.

Ken Hacke
Ken Hacke Arts

A few years ago Ken Hacke was inspired by the extraordinary art at Burning Man. This ignited a desire to create art of his own and explore his creative capabilities. Eager to expand his repertoire, Ken reached out to the local burning man community and participated in the creation of the effigy for a regional event.

This marked a milestone in Ken’s artistic career as it was the largest project he had taken on at the time, so required a large space with specialized equipment to embark on the project.

“I got involved with building the effigy for the Burning Man regional event. At the time it was the largest art contract I have taken on, and it required more space and equipment than I had access to. That is when I discovered Fuse33,” he says.

With the help of Fuse33’s supportive community and cutting edge equipment, such as the laser cutter, Ken was able to build a 30-foot-tall man which would be spectacularly lit aflame for the event. Ken’s involvement with Fuse33 didn’t stop there, enthralled by the spirit and innovation in the Fuse33 community, Ken became a regular. He’s based many of his projects out of the space. The opportunity to develop his craft and learn from like minded creators draws Ken to the space.

Passion & Craftmanship

Within Fuse33’s space he’s encountered a diverse group of individuals whose passion and craftsmanship inspire Ken’s own projects. For Ken, it’s the people at Fuse33 who have had the biggest impact on his career and growth as an artist. Whether that be through witnessing the innovative creations of fellow artisans, sharing knowledge, or even forging collaborations on ambitious projects.

The transformative power of the community at Fuse33 was so impactful that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was set to embark on a multi-city tour to share his latest creations. Encouraged by the community at Fuse33, Ken is turning his passion into a career. Something he didn’t believe was possible when he first stepped foot into Fuse33.

“With the support of the Fuse community I am ready to take this to the next level and turn my passion into a career. Not something I would have believed possible when I came in with that first project,” he says. “Once I got started at Fuse33 I got hooked and have been going there regularly, learning, building, and making things. What has had the biggest impact on my career is not the tools and equipment at Fuse33, but the community.

See more of Ken’s work at kenhackearts.ca.

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