The Inspiration Series includes six of our most popular classes held over eight evenings where you will explore the most innovative tools Fuse33 has to offer.

Classes included in the Inspiration Series:

  • Explore Photography for Makers
  • Explore LightBurn for Lasers
  • Explore Laser Cutting & Engraving
  • Explore 3D Design
  • Explore 3D Printing
  • Explore Sewing

With this program you receive the above six classes plus and additional nine hours of instructional time, and two free months of Maker+ membership. That’s $912 in value.

The schedule for this class is Monday to Thursday, for two weeks, beginning Monday March 4, 2024, and ending Thursday March 14, 2024

In Inspiration Series you will learn:

  • How to take photographs for use in project documentation and product presentation.
  • How to design for various digital fabrication technologies.
  • How to effectively use a sewing machine to make and repair textiles.
  • How to use a laser cutter and engraver.
  • How to use a 3D printer.
  • How to add basic LED lighting and electronics to projects.

Tools Required: All tools require for learning are provided.
Materials Required: All materials provided.
Take Home: You will take home all the projects that you make.
This class qualifies you for using the following equipment at Fuse33: FDM 3D printers, Thunder Laser, and Sewing Machines.

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

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Inspiration Series

Skill Level: Entry Level Class (No prerequisite required)
Age Group: 18+
Session Length: 24 hours over 8 days
Cost per Person: $564

Upcoming Class Sessions

Mon, Mar 04, 2024 – Thu, Mar 14, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm
(6 seats left)