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A shared workshop that transcends the conventional notion of a makerspace

Step into the world of theatrical and film production with our Introductory Breakdown and Distressing workshop.

This class teaches you the essential techniques for aging, distressing, and transforming props to create realistic, story-driven effects.

You’ll learn how to use various materials and tools to add wear and tear, stains, rust, and other details that make props look authentically aged and used. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll gain practical skills and creative tips for enhancing the believability of your props.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a thoroughly “broken down” prop and the confidence to apply these techniques to future projects.

Suitable for all skill levels.

Tools Required: All tools are provided.
Materials Required: All materials are provided.
Take Home: You will take home your beautiful creation.

Explore Breakdown and Distressing

Skill Level: Entry Level Class (No prerequisite required)
Target audience: 18+
Session Length: 3 hours
Cost per Person: $105

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