Whether you’re single, or have a special person in mind, Fuse33 Makerspace and Thunder Laser Canada have some fun events planned for Calgary Valentines 2024.


This beginner workshop will teach you how to design and laser cut a project out of wood. Afterwards, you can paint or stain your project to your liking.

calgary valentines 2024: banner

Make Your Valentines Unique: Learn to Laser Cut Together

Create a unique decor project: commemorate lyrics of your favourite song or your name on a sign, create a unique gift box or create a set of multi layered roses 

  • Tues Feb 6th, 7-9pm--Cancelled due to illness
  • Thurs Feb 8th 7-9 pm

  • Tues Feb 13th 7-9pm


Maker Single Mingle Laser Workshop

A non romantic event to meet other makers, learn a new skill and have fun!

  • Feb 14th 7-9


Laser Cut Project Ideas:

poem sign calgary valentines workshop at fuse 33
gift box heart shaped laser cut calgary valentines 2024
laser cut roses calgary valentines 2024
name sign calgary valentines 2024

(please note these are not our projects, they are examples of projects for inspiration) 

Photo credits:

Heart Gift Box Hobby Laser Design Art 

Set of Roses by Make the Day UK

Song Quote Sign by The Little Tableau

Name Sign by Store of Signs