Still Making & Distilling Workshop

From: $130.00

Age requirement: 18+

As part of your registration for this workshop, you will have classroom instructions covering topics such as:
-Overview of different still functions and applications
-Still designs
-Heat source.
-Pot / Boiler unit.
-Review of the project design
-Electronic control

Hands-on exercises will include:
-Drilling and Grinding
-Coil making
-Soldering copper fitting
-Assembling a Still
-Electrical wiring
-Assembly of a simple temperature control unit



Dom Dagenais has been crafting spirits for the past 7 years. Mostly self taught, he also has assisted small distilleries such as the Fernie Distillery with their processes and operation.
With a professional background in the aerospace and the oil and gas industries and a passion for out of the box hobbies (like Bow Hunting, Wooden Bow Making, Wooden Canoe making, Vintage Trailers, Fermented Sausages…) Dom Dagenais is a consummated “Maker”. His technical knowledge combine with his passion for good food and beverage makes him an great resource for anyone wanting to venture into the world of spirit making.



The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm with a 45 minutes break for lunch.

The following day, Sunday between 10am and 5pm, you will have access to the shop and the instructor will be available to assist you with your personal project.

During the workshop we will:
-Fabricate and test a brand new still
-You will be making your own Coil Condenser that can be used for the making of your own design

Hopefully the skills and knowledge you acquire will enable you to venture into the interesting realm of distilling for your own pleasure.
What tools will you be using?
-Press drill
-Metal hack saw
-Soldering blow torch
-Hand drill