Sewing 101 – An Introduction to Sewing


This introductory session will give you the information, skills and confidence you need to sew your own projects!

Guided by the lovely Candace Bruins, you will learn:

  • All about the different sewing machines and tools available to you, and when to use each one!
  • How to thread a standard, domestic sewing machine (super handy if you own one at home, or will be coming to sew at Fuse33)
  • How to choose the right sewing needles and threads for each step of your project
  • What the different stitching patterns are, and when you should use each one
    • Basting, zig-zag, double needle…oh my!
  • A variety of techniques including interfacing, pinning and rotary cutting which will make your life and projects 100x easier and better

But wait, there’s more! We’ll help you make all of this new information  practical by creating a custom fabric bag!