Fuse33 Maker Camp – MakeFashion EDU Wearable Tech

From: $360.00

July 13 – 17: 9:00am – 3:30pm  

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MakeFashion EDU summer camp offers a unique learning experience designed to introduce participants to the design learning process in a collaborative and supportive environment.  Participants will explore where design and technology intersect as they jump into the world of wearable technology. They will discover how to combine hands-on design and crafting techniques with Arduino based programming to create personalized, unique, and interactive designs using their new skills.

What participants will cover:

  • The hardware and software tools required to create works of wearable-technology
  • Basic understanding of circuits and Arduino programming for wearable technology
  • The importance of storytelling through fashion and technology
  • Project creation and design thinking process

Create a customized runway-ready project using construction and sewing techniques, addressable LEDs, programmable microcontrollers.

MakeFashion EDU is powered by a dynamic team of role models including fashion designers, educators, industry leaders and creators who will inspire participants to build both 21st-century skills and confidence.