102L Lockable Project Bin Storage (optional)

102L Lockable Project Bin Storage (optional)

$20.00 / month

Due to popular demand, we have brought in lockable, 102L shop storage bins.

Say you’re working on your project, glueing up your work and you’ve got all your bits and bobs laid out on the table. But it’s getting late, and the last thing you want to do at the end of a hard day of work is to gather your half-finished project, all your materials, and all your tools and take 3 trips to the car to load everything back in.

There’s an easier way. Simply load up your own, lockable storage bin and confidently place it in our storage rack. Rest assured, we keep our shop temperature consistent to avoid warping of our own materials, so you know your projects will be in tip-top condition whenever you come back to finish your project.

You can have your very own project bin storage for only $20 per month. For ease of use, our memberships and storage options renew on the 3rd of each month and are pro-rated. So if you book out your storage bin in the middle of the month you will only be charged for the remainder of the month.

As a bonus for being a Fuse33 Maker Pro, you are entitled to a $20 monthly credit, which you can use towards this bin or our Pay-Per-Use equipment (like our laser cutters and 3d printers)!