Become a Fuse33 Maker Plus Member

Become a Fuse33 Maker Plus Member

From: $95.00

  • UNLIMITED Woodshop Access
  • UNLIMITED Metal Shop Access
  • Access to WorkSpace
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Sewing and Electronics labs
  • Unlimited 3D Printing
  • 25% off all Classes
  • 50% off all Pay-Per-Use Equipment Rentals

If you are choosing to register as a Maker Plus member and want to take advantage of your unlimited Woodshop and Metal Shop use, please also book your Woodshop and Metalshop Certification at the bottom of this page.

$95.00 / month
$1,140.00 $855.00 / year



Woodshop and Metal Shop Certification (required for access)

From: $40.00

To use our Woodshop and Metalshops, all Fuse33 Members and Drop-Ins must complete our 2 hour comprehensive Woodshop and Metalshop safety orientation and certification.

You will be guided by one of our friendly team on how to operate all of our machinery safely and efficiently, upon completion you will have immediate access.