Make a Unique Charcuterie/Cutting Board


Unlock the world of creativity and craftsmanship with the exciting art of wood joinery! Join us on this immersive class where you will make a very unique cutting board using a valuable journey technique, and experience the thrill of transforming raw materials into beautiful masterpieces.

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In Make a Unique Charcuterie/Cutting Board you will learn:

  • How to select woods based on their density, grain, and visual appeal
  • How to bond wood for a lasting join
  • How to clean-up uneven wood surfaces by using a plainer
  • How to smooth wood surfaces using a wood sander
  • How to trim and finish wood edges
  • How to treat wood so that it’s food safe, and so that it lasts.

Tools Required: All tools for learning are provided

Materials Required: All materials are provided

Take Home: You will take home the beautiful cutting board that you make.