Explore 3D Printing


Learning about 3D printing is a thrilling and captivating experience as it allows you to bring your imagination to life by creating tangible objects. The hands-on nature of 3D printing makes the learning process enjoyable and encourages creativity, making it a truly fun and enticing way to explore new technologies.

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In Explore 3D Printing you will learn:

  • How to choose the best filament material for a project
  • How to level most 3D printers
  • How to unclog most 3D printers
  • How to slice a 3D model with the best settings for your project
  • How to troubleshoot common printing problems

Tools Required: All tools for learning are provided

Materials Required: All materials are provided

Take Home: You will take home any 3D prints that you make.

This class qualifies you for using FDM 3D printers at Fuse33