Rent Tools Calgary | Community Workshop

Looking to rent tools to complete your DIY project? Don’t just rent tools; join our shared workshop and get access to tools, machines AND the knowledge of an entire community. From tradespeople to artists, hobbyists and entrepreneurs, we have everything you need to complete a home project, learn a new skill or start a business.

A group of people gathered around a piece of wood inspecting it and taking notes. they are in the workshop of Fuse 33 makerspace in calgary

Rent Tools and Equipment


a man using a wood lathe machine at Fuse 33 makerspace calgary

Metal Working

metal shop tools and a welding mask on a table top at fuse 33 makerspace calgary

Laser Cutting

laser cutter photo of the laser head cutting wood up close


a group of people stand around a computer screen and CNC machine


one woman is sitting and one woman is standinh infrotn of a sewing machine. the standing woman has a measuring tape around her neck

3D Printing

2 people look inside a 3d printer as it prints an object. the printer is lit up with colorful light at Fuse 33 makerspace in calgary.


photo taken from above with a person with electronics infront of them on a table

Vinyl Cutter

large blue vinyl cutter for rent at Fuse 33 makerspace calgary


We offer various membership levels, from day passes to monthly memberships.

Classes & Workshops

Whether you’re a member or not, you can join our workshops to learn new skills and tools.