WTF is a Laser Cutter?


July 13


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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FUSE33 Makerspace


Fuse33 Makerspace

1720 Radisson Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB T2A 1Z8

Calgary, AB, CA, T2A 1Z8

Laser cutters are powerful tools that can cut, etch and engrave a wide range of materials to create nearly anything you can imagine.

Fuse 33 Makerspace is hosting a series of Intro Laser Cutter Workshops.

This intro level course is ideal for those who want to learn to make DIY projects with wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone,

Create a wide range of high demand projects including signage, menus, public art sculptures, outdoor seating, signage, business cards furniture, jewelry and more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the laser cutter can be used for
    • How to use the laser cutter software to turn images into vector files
    • How to cut and engrave different types of materials
    • What materials are best and why (tried and tested by Fuse 33)
    • How to level and focus the laser
    • How to adjust settings like power and speed depending on if you’re etching or cutting

    Once you learn how to use the machine, you could start your own small laser cutter business or become a laser cutter apprentice!

    Here at Fuse 33, we regularly get requests for laser cutter fabrication jobs, so once you learn the basics, we can get you started with some laser cutting gigs using our machines and start making money!

    Try out our machines and see if laser cutting is for you!