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3D Printing 101 - An Introduction to 3D Printing for Teachers and Students

3D printing seems like an intimidating, cutting-edge technology doesn’t it? Join us for a friendly demystification of this emerging tech.

In this 1 hour session, you will be guided through the varied applications, basic techniques, and practical uses of 3D printing through making your own take-home projects!

After completing this introductory workshop, you will have all the fundamental tools you would ever need to competently create 90% of any 3D printed projects you will ever encounter.

Materials and Equipment Required

3D Printers

We use and recommend the XYZ DaVinci Jr 1.0 for schools and general use. They’re easy to use and play around with.

Laptop or Desktop Computers

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with XYZMaker installed and a FREE account created.

A Spool of PLA Filament

Technically polylactic acid, this is your basic “printing” material which gets melted and laid down in layers

Flush Cutters

These are little wire snippers that you will use to clean up your printed models and maintain your printing materials

PVA Gluesticks

These are incredibly handy to help your 3D printed object stay fixed to the print bed, disasters abound without them

Masking Tape

This is used as a sacrificial surface on which you can print

Needle-nose Pliers

Sometimes if your 3D printed object doesn’t stick to the bed, you’ll need these to remove a bunch of melted plastic

0.4mm Wire Reemers

Super duper handy. Melted plastic can get gunked-up in your printer, use these to pull it out

3D Printing 101 Course Details


If at some point in your life you were able to successfully print something on a regular 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, we promise you’ll be able to print in 3D.

Verbage You Will Learn

    • Under and Over-Extrusion
    • Shell thickness
    • Linear and honeycomb patterns
    • Infill density
    • Supports, brims and rafts

Downloadable Course Files

Upon registration you will receive a fully downloadable and printable .pdf course guide which you can take home for reference and use in your classroom.


To participate in our 3D Printing 101 Course, please request a free consultation below. We offer in-house sessions for student and teacher field trips, as well as outreach programs where we bring all the necessary materials and 3D printers to your school.

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