Volunteer: Freezer Burn 2023 Effigy Build

Last week, Fuse 33 hosted the first (of many) collaborative building days to construct the Effigy for the Freezer Burn 2023 event. Artist Ken Hacke, a Fuse 33 Makerspace member, coordinated the build and designed the structure.

Brooke Brampton

Brooke Bampton is a multimedia artist respectfully residing on Treaty 7 Land in Mohkínstsis. A graduate of AUA(ACAD) in 1999 Brooke has been creating in the community for the last 22 years in various projects as a jewelry maker, sculptor, amateur taxidermist, DJ, VJ and via mixed-media performance. Brooke’s work considers the place of the Artist in a modern … Read more

Jacqueline Huskisson

Jacqueline is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Calgary. Her art practice approaches the question of our existence through expressions of the human form. She received a B.F.A in Print Media from the Alberta College of Art and Design and an M.F.A in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Belfast School of Art.   She has had … Read more

Lovelia Vera

Lovelia Vera is an experienced and creative Canadian-Venezuelan Artist who specializes in original interpretations using various artistic mediums: oils, acrylics, pastel, charcoal, stone and wood. Inspired by Picasso, Dali, Bouguereau, Leger and influenced from real life experiences in Canada, Venezuela, India, and USA. Lovelia graduated from Venezuelan Technological University Institute. Maturin/Venezuela in Administration, but her … Read more

Angela Dale

a person wearing a metal

Angela is a costume designer and artist with a Certificate in Costume Studies from Dalhousie University, a BFA in Fine Arts from NSCAD University and an MFA in Design and Technical Theatre from the University of Calgary. Angela has long been exploring and investigating various techniques for embellishing, creating, and manipulating textiles. Many of these experiments … Read more

Leah Petrucci

Leah is a glass artist with a focus on sculptural work. Born and raised in Calgary, she earned a BFA in Glass from the Alberta University of Arts and continues to practice in her home city. She works mainly in hot glass, however, enjoys the diversity and challenge of working with other material processes as … Read more

Jordan Peters

Jordan Peters is a furniture maker, designer, and photographer living and working in Mohkinstsis, Calgary. His current work focuses on design-forward pieces that are tailored to the user’s needs—furniture that is functional, easy to use, and is built to last. Peters’ believes that form over function isn’t worth discussing and that furniture should provide both—it’s 2021. … Read more