Morgan Possberg

Textile artist, printmaker, and architectural designer with a BFA in Textiles / Fashion from NSCAD University, and currently attending U of C for a Master’s of Architecture.  Morgan‘s current work explores ways of using craft as a medium to connect with their Indigenous heritage, as well as a way to encourage heterogeneity and sustainability. Zero-waste … Read more

Julian Zwack

 A Media Artist and 3D Designer based in Calgary, Alberta. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts with Distinction in Media Art & Object Design from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2019 and is currently completing his Architectural Technologies diploma at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. His artwork explores social theories of … Read more

Alia Shahab

Whether it be building a physical bridge between two houses to connect neighbours, collaborating with her creative peers and local youth to build a mobile arts playground, designing an interactive light sculpture for the public, carving snow sculptures for Winter festivals, or performing shadow puppetry around a fire in her backyard, community participation plays an … Read more